Rooted Hair is 100% ethically and sustainably sourced human Remy hair from the Qingdao region. Our donors choose when they want to donate their hair and are properly compensated for their contributions. We maintain a close relationship with our manufacturer to ensure the highest quality and care, exclusively collecting for our factory.

Absolutely, here is the link: https://rootedhair.ca/account/register

We have 2 options for rewards: 5 points for every dollar spent (for example 2500 points = $25 in rewards.) 10 points for every dollar spent for anyone certified in Rooted Hair Extension Methods ( for example 2500 = $50 in rewards.)

Rewards can be redeemed at checkout to any order of choice. To see your current point status login to your account here.

Yes you can! We highly recommend consulting with a certified Rooted Stylist to get optimal results with color matching and the correct density. Additionally, we offer clip-in extensions, ideal for special occasions! Click here to explore more.

You can find our return and exchange policy here.